Sunday Rewind (from Revelation 1:4)

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Revelation 1:4


I hope this day finds you well. I'm excited to share with you some summary points from our study this week in Revelation 1:4.

The Divine Design of Revelation: We reached verse four of chapter one and I'm always in awe of the divine design of this Book. It's a profound reminder of the grace and peace that comes from God even during times of uncertainty.

John's Exile on Patmos: Imagine being exiled on an island, surviving harsh conditions, yet finding yourself in the Spirit on the Lord's day. This was John's reality. It's a powerful reminder to linger in God's presence, even in difficult circumstances.

The Power of Prayer: I've been reflecting on the power of prayer to reach the unreachable. I encourage you to write down your prayers, place them in a prayer basket, and trust in God's intervention. I've witnessed miracles through prayer, and I believe you can too.

The Context of Revelation: Written to seven churches during a time of persecution, the greeting "grace and peace" in Revelation holds significant meaning. It's a reminder of God's complete acceptance and forgiveness to all of us His who receive Him as Lord and Savior. Have you received Him as your Savior, if not or unsure, see our webpage and read through “The Meaning of Life”, and there you will find why you were created, and God’s desire for a personal relationship with you.

Waiting for God's Presence: The blessing that comes from reading and hearing the words of Revelation is immense. We are already experiencing these blessings and I'm excited for what's to come as we continue our study through the Book of Revelation.

I invite you to join me on this study through Revelation. Let's explore the mysteries, learn from the lessons, and experience the power of God's Word together.

Stay blessed and keep the faith,

Pastor Ray

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