Sunday Rewind (from Revelation 1:9-13)


I pray this day finds you well. I'm excited to share with you the latest “Sunday Rewind”, where we dug and searched into the profound depths of the Book of Revelation (1:9-13).

1. **A Word from the Lord:** We started off with a powerful example and the significance of John's testimony and his unwavering commitment to Jesus, even in exile. It's a reminder that God never forsakes His people and walks among them. (Revelation 1:9)

2. **The Power of the Holy Spirit:** We discussed the concept of being "quenched" by the Holy Spirit, likening it to a blacksmith shaping a sword. Just as a sword is strengthened through heat and pressure, our spirits are fortified through the work of the Holy Spirit. (Revelation 1:9)

3. **Listening to God's Voice:** We emphasized the importance of being in the Spirit and slowing down to hear God's voice. God speaks to us in a language we understand, and His word confirms what He speaks to us. (Revelation 1:10, John 10:27)

4. **Turning and Seeing God's Revelation:** We reflected on the significance of turning and seeing God's revelations, drawing parallels between Moses, the shepherds at Jesus birth, and John after the resurrection. We prayed to seek a deeper revelation of God in our own lives. (Exodus 3:4, Luke 2:8-9, Revelation 1:12-13)

5. **The Simplicity of the Gospel:** We concluded with a time of communion, reminding everyone of the simplicity of the gospel and the sacrifice that was made for us. Salvation is not based on works or performance, but on the one perfect sacrifice of Jesus. (Ephesians 2:8-9, Revelation 1:13)

I invite you to join us on this journey of faith and testimony. Let's seek a deeper spiritual revelation together and remember, Jesus is always present in the midst of His church and wants to have a personal encounter with each of us.

Looking forward to our next study together in this exciting Book, in these days we live.

Pastor Ray

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