Hebrews 9:16-28 | Jesus’ Last Will and Testament

Jun 12, 2022    Pastor Ray Bollas
Jesus’ Last Will and Testament: For a will to go into effect, the person must die. Jesus made a Last Will and Testament, it is the New Covenant that says I will take your sin upon myself, I will set you free from sin and death, I will write my Laws on your heart, and I will bring you into the Holy of Holies, into the presence of the Father. But first, in order to make it go into effect, I must die first. Jesus being the Fulfillment of the Old Testament law, when He died, the new will, the New Covenant came into effect. And when He rose again, He became the Executor of the New Testament, who, by the Holy Spirit, lives in our hearts and tells us how it is to work out in our lives. Fabulous! He not only is the Testator who gives us the New Covenant—but He is the Mediator who guides us in the New Covenant. WOW!

Calvary Chapel Anne Arundel | Pastor Ray Bollas