Our Tutors at Learning with Grace Calvary

Renee Bollas

Zoe Life, Mission History, and PE/Health
 Renee is a pastor's wife and homeschooling mother of two boys. Her boys are two of her greatest treasures. Renee established a support group for moms of children with special needs. She founded Zoe Life, a Bible based social communications group for children with special needs. She leads the women's ministry at her church. Her missionary adventures began 20 years ago. She has seen God do so many amazing things in Baltimore city, Ireland, Nicaragua, Cambodia, and India. Renee loves people and has a passion for sharing God’s word in an easy to understand way. Her deep desire is to help those with learning differences gain confidence and a “can do” attitude. Her greatest joy is to see children who love Jesus and want to tell the world about Him.

Ron Jensen

Intro to Computer Operations
 Ron is originally from Oregon. He graduated from Hawaii Pacific University in Computer Science (BS). He is a father and grandfather, an occasional hunter, and addicted to computer programming. Loves to share his knowledge of the Lord and computers.

Heather Loewenheim

Middle School and High School Reading and Math
Heather is a teacher who truly cares about her students and their  families.  She has worked with people of all ages for over twenty  years.  Heather has a BA in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Music  and a Masters Equivilant in Education.  She is a certified Special  Education teacher who has worked in public and private school. Heather  is enjoying homeschooling her own children.  Her daughter is in 10th  grade and her son, who has autism and adhd, is in 7th grade.  She also  has taught private voice lessons and is a part of her church's worship  team.  Serving others, whether it's as a small group leader, Sunday  school teacher, or life course instructor, brings Heather joy,  especially if chocolate is involved.  She and her husband returned to  Maryland and settled in Pasadena in 2005,  after traveling the west  coast wtih the U.S. Marine Corp.  Jesus and good books kept her company  while her husband was fighting in Iraq and she hopes to inspire her  students to love reading and Jesus, as well.

Jonathan Fowler

Middle School & High School English and Math
My love for learning became a part of me in second grade when the teacher encouraged me to think deeper about my ideas. I continued to dive deeper while studying creative writing in high school, English for my BA at Washington College, and Curriculum and Instruction for my MS from McDaniel College.  I have enjoyed encouraging my students to learn and grow throughout 22 years of teaching in both public and private schools. I learn so much from teaching them and absolutely love being a part of their self-discovery learning journey. God has made each of them with strengths and weaknesses, preferences, learning styles, and purposes - and it is exciting to help them learn to navigate life in their God-given way.   I am certified for English Language Arts and Special Education. I hope to spur the same love of learning in my students here at Learning With Grace.

Thelma James

World History
Thelma James is a wife and mother of three who has been in Christian Education for over 20 years.  She is quite excited at the prospect of teaching history to your children in the following school year.  Thelma enjoyed homeschooling for some years until she went back to work in Christian schools. Her last twelve years of teaching was at Rockbridge Academy in Millersville from which all her children graduated; the youngest of whom just completed his sophomore year in college.  Thelma has always enjoyed teaching and considers her work a ministry; thus, after she retired from full time teaching two years ago, she continued to teach at Rockbridge as a substitute teacher and now also tutors in history at her church tutorial.  Thelma has a degree in Education and in Educational guidance and counseling. 

Angela Wright

Family and Consumer Science
Angi was raised in Bowie, MD; however, she has spent her married life in the Annapolis area. She went to Bowie State University and studied Elementary Education. She married her high school sweetheart in 1992. She has four adult children who are all active in music and ministry and one cute mini goldendoodle. She is a busy Pastor’s wife who has taught Sunday school, youth and young adult classes, marriage and family classes. Angi’s passion is helping families thrive and helping people to overcome hurts and failures. She is a certified facilitator in Prepare Enrich, a marriage building program. She also teams up with her husband to teach Made to be Pure -- a seminar for young people on maintaining a pure lifestyle.  She enjoys singing and worshiping God with her church’s praise team, decorating, and fabulous finds at the thrift store.