Hebrews 2:1-4 | Warning! Don’t Drift Away

Mar 6, 2022    Pastor Ray Bollas

Warning! Don’t Drift Away: In the Book of Hebrews are 6 Warnings given to “believers”. The first warning, in our passage today, is to not “drift away”. The person who says I can skip this warning, this Bible study, because I would never drift away, I am too anchored, too solid in my faith; is the person who needs this study the most, and of course every one of us need to hear this warning – why? Because drifting happens ever so slowly and unnoticed, else we would have seen it coming and made a course correction well in advance before shipwreck happened. No one is immune to drifting, hence why the Lord in His love gives us a warning, maybe for some today, a look out shout.

Calvary Chapel Anne Arundel | Pastor Ray Bollas