Hebrews 1:4-14 (part 2)

Mar 11, 2024    Pastor Ray Bollas
Why does this study matter? For most would agree, of course Jesus is superior to the angels. But there is more here than just the direct statement that Jesus is superior to the angels. It also is that Jesus is superior to any intercessor. We have religions around the world today that man feels that they cannot come into the presence of the Lord because they're unworthy, and so they come via another man. They come via a woman named Mary. They come via angels, such as praying to Gabriel. In all of these things and even strong believers can find themselves being brought back into a false humility by saying, "I'm not worthy to come into the presence of the Lord, therefore, I will come in through a mediator," and the deception and the diminishing of it is Jesus Christ is superior to all intercessors. He is the intercessor and mediator, and therefore, to come any other way can only come in a way that is diminishing and sometimes even destroying. That's why a study today of Jesus' superior to the angels is so vital for each and every one of us and the people that we will love and witness to around us.