James 4:1-12 | The Test of the World's Influence

Pastor Ray Bollas

James is an in-your-face type teaching, he doesn’t mix words, rather he just comes right to the punch.  The book of James is a no time to waste type book, let’s get growing, and let’s get maturing, let’s be doers of the Word.  James is not interested in how great we talk, but how straight we walk, and that is the message all the way through this book.  In chapter 1 it was be doers of the Word, in chapter 2 it was faith that works, chapter 3 it was our words are important for they show what is in our heart.   Now chapter 4, no mixing of words, are you drawn to God, or to the things of the world?  The simplest definition of worldliness is, anything that draws you away from God.

Calvary Chapel of Anne Arundel | Pastor Ray Bollas