Hebrews 10:1-21 | The Radiance of the Son (Jesus Christ)

Jun 19, 2022    Pastor Ray Bollas

The Radiance of the Son (Jesus Christ): Chapters 11-13 of this book will begin the “application” of applying all that was taught in chapters 1-10; Chapter 10 is almost a total wrap-up of the whole epistle. The author goes over the main points again, puts in a warning not to add to or take away from all that we have studied – the superiority of Christ. In the wrap-up today, we will see the “Radiance of the Son”, Jesus Christ, and as we do, He will draw us to His warmth and love. Join us for another great passage of Scripture written from our Heavenly Father to His children.

Calvary Chapel Anne Arundel | Pastor Ray Bollas