Joshua 6:5-27

Oct 11, 2015    Pastor Ray Bollas

We covered five chapters of preparation and then 2 verses of total victory, destruction, utter collapse of the great fortified city that was impenetrable to all, but just a shout to the Lord and down it goes. Christian, what are the obstacles that are before you that seem so impenetrable, that seem impossible, that you feel you will never have a victory over, that there will never be a coming into the presence of the Lord and the promises of God and all the fruit of the spirit that He wants to give us as we live a spirit filled life, a spirit fed life, a spirit led life. What is it keeping you from that? May we look at Jericho today and see that it's just one shout away. The shout is never at the obstacle, the battle is never against the impenetrable thing that's before us. The shout as always to the Lord, and the shout is always up to the Lord. When we shout to the Lord that's when he engages, and comes, and shows himself strong.

Calvary Chapel Anne Arundel | Pastor Ray Bollas